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Take a look at the new Ronix Potbelly Rocket Naked Technology 2019 Wakesurfer at MUHL WATERSPORTS!

The 2019 Ronix Potbelly Rocket Naked Technology Wakesurfer is a member of the only series where the thickest part of the board is in the belly. Riding nose high on the water like its Cruiser counterpart – this deck does everything on the water in 5th gear. The Rocket has plenty of drive, response, and a unique riding style more like a traditional surfboard with the tip up. Drive, response, and feel unlike any of our other boards. Made with our minimalist naked construction featuring a stronger poured urethane rail design.

Construction Features

Machined EVA concave back pad with arch support and extra tall tail kick

Silicone front pad for more overall board control and feel

Ronix exclusive tool-less Fin-S 2 system

Injected Fiberglass Epoxy Constructed Fins

2 – 4.5" Asymmetric Fins and 1 – 4.0" Symmetric Fin

Handmade by Robots

Compression Molded

Liquid Lava High Temp Surf Resin

Rider's Weight Indication

4'3" 60kg and Up

4'8" 70kg and Up


NAKED TECHNOLOGY: Less is more. These cores are designed with a minimalist approach, keeping the purest form of surf in mind.

HARD RAIL: High speed carves for riders that like to jump on the gas pedal.

LAVA RESIN: A high temperature resin used on all of our surfers, built to withstand mother nature’s extreme heat.

FIN S 2.0 SYSTEM: We have used all of the "major" fin systems - and in our honest opinion nothing comes close to Fin-S.

WHAT SURFER IS RIGHT FOR YOU? Let’s find out ...

By answering 3 simple questions, you can filter from 36 boards to 1 or 2 that will complete your quiver.

1. Are you ready to rock the endless summer?

Yes – Let’s dig deeper and define your style a bit more:

No – just want to do it a couple of times. You should check out -> Modello Fish Skim, Stub Fish or Marshmellow Thrasher.

2. Are you looking for more control or more top water speed out of your surfer?

A. More Control –> Koal Technora Crossover, Carbon Skimmer, Carbon Sprocket, Koal Surface Thumbtail +

B. More Top Water Speed -> Pot Belly Rocket, Cruiser, Koal Technora Powertail, Powerfish

C. Combination –> Fish, Longboard, Conductor

3. What style of turn do you prefer?

A. Hairpin maneuvering –> Potbelly Rocket, Skimmer, Sprocket, Conductor

B. Mellow Freeride Feel –> Cruiser, Crossover, Longboard, Powertail

C. Combination –> Powerfish, Fish, Thumbtail +

Where do you fall? If you choose ...

2A & 3A –> Skimmer, Sprocket

2A & 3B –> Crossover

2A & 3C –> Thumbtail +

2B & 3A –> Rocket

2B & 3B –> Powertail, Cruiser

2B & 3C –> Powerfish

2C & 3A –> Conductor

2C & 3B –> Longboard

2C & 3C –> Fish