RONIX | KOAL Technora Powertail 4,5'' - 2017

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Blending a high-resting profile with Ronix s new Drive shaping, the Ronix Koal Technora Powertail Wakesurf Board blasts off of the lip with eagle-like grip on landings and deep carves. The core makes it quick to exit the water and more difficult to dig in a rail; but, by adding taper to thin out the nose of the board, Ronix avoids sacrificing stability on landings. The Technora core brings out a lively and lightweight feel, making it equally fun if you?re simply slashing wake. For any size and for any skillset, the Ronix Koal Technora Powertail Wakesurf Board maximizes your time behind the boat. CONSTRUCTION AND MATERIALS Technora ? A new innovation in Ronix surfers is the response of Technora. This laminate creates a more reactive overall surfboard than a traditional fiberglass construction. A blend of Ronix?s standard surfer layup, along with a new lively material bridging the gap between a classic Koal construction and the ultra responsive Hex Shell layup. For the rider looking for a blend of a smooth response, while still being able to bury the rail, or air off the lip.