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Shaun Murray Signature Model

Shaun?s favorite, shaped from 20 years of Wakeboard passion.

Shaun Murray is releasing his 20th Pro Model edition in Hyperlite?s 25th anniversary season, simply named; The Murray. Countless hours on the water have lead Shaun to this shape and the feedback has been mind-blowing. The Murray shape begins with a Subtle 3-Stage Rocker, there is no flat spot, the rocker simply increases under foot for a colossal boost of the wake. Carrying on from past shapes Shaun kept the Variable Edge Design and Center Landing Spine making the board enjoyable for all ability levels. The board?s edge is rounded between the inserts, sharpening under foot and then cupped at the tip and tail delivering solid edge hold when you want it and forgiveness when you need it. Hyperlite?s BIO3 Core and CarboNetX construction keep the Murray super light for easy spinning. This combination makes riding a larger board more suitable and the new 20th Anniversary Murray shape is available in a 145cm and 150cm option. "Ride a Bigger Board" ?Shaun Murray


All New Surface Area Sizing

Biolite 3 Core

Subtle 3-Stage Rocker

Variable Edge Design

Mellow Center Landing Spine

Minimum Swing Weight Profile

Monocoque Construction

Layered Glass

M6 Inserts

FINS: 4 - .8" P-Wing

Murray Sizing

134cm fits 110- 160 lbs

139cm fits 135- 185 lbs

145cm fits 165 lbs and up

150cm fits 170 lbs and up

Sized UP Philosophy

For years, Wakeboarders had little time in the air to complete their tricks and the common thought was a shorter board would make it easier. As wake sizes have increased, we?ve found that a larger board delivers more pop, as the more board (surface area) you can push into the water the more energy is created pushing you into the air. Larger boards also equate to a mellower ride, making landings easier and providing a more soulful soothing ride. If you?ve been on the sidelines lately give the new Murray Pro a ride and experience what a larger deck can do for you.

Advances in board construction have reduced boards? overall weight, keeping swing weight at a minimum. This evolution means it?s time to ride a larger board, regardless of wake size, benefiting from a shape that will truly support your height, weight and shoe size.

Size up your next ride to experience the full pop and support your Hyperlite can deliver!


Color: GraphiteSizes: 4-8 (04), 7-10.5 (07), 10-14 (10)

Customizable Support to Your Liking

The Session Boot offers riders more backing to the open toe design. The upper ankle Velcro Closure delivers that support riders crave and two lace zones means you customize the feel and support to your liking. Ideal for sharing or tailoring to meet individual needs the Session is the key to your season. Mount this binding to any Wakeboard, preferably an awesome Hyperlite, with their universal mounting system.


Aluminum Claw Mounting System

Low Pro Plate System

Adjustable Floating Tow Design

Articulating Cuff

Dual Density Footbed

6" Universal Mounting Spread

Hyperplush Rear Flex Zone

Quick Cinch Lace Zone

Upper Velcro Closure

New Dual Density EVA