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The Superlite TX is the same shape as the normal TX, with the Superlite Construction. It is constructed with the same proprietary combination fo aerospace carbon fiber and Superlite PVC foam core Technology found on the legendary Syndicate Skis, but in Cross-over specific shapes designed for the ultimate in performance and efficiency.

This Cross-over is designed to deliver maximum performance, with unparalleled efficiency.  It includes a High performance design of a Syndicate series ski, with the Ultra-efficient Clean Edge Technology of their Free ski's, all on a wide-ride ski for stability, and less effort. The design team began with a Syndicate Ski design, and increased the surface area, by one ski size up. (a 67" ski with the width of a 69") from the nose of the ski, to right behind the back foot. This makes the ski stable, and easy to get up on. Behind the rear foot the Ski transitions from a traditional, to a futuristic shape. The Sidewalls rotate inward like a wakeboard edge, and the traditional ski bevels disappear in the tail section. The combination of these characteristics, allows water to release cleanly off the bottom of the ski, apposed to traditional ski designs, where the water wraps around the bevel, and up the sidewall, releasing off the upper edge. This reduces drag, giving the ski a more of an actual free ride feel, while still being able to run a course at a little slower speeds. With drag reduced by 50%, you will be able to ski longer, get more turns in with less effort, and keep a bigger smile on your face!