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DVD | IN-TRANSIT - a Wakeboardfilm by Josh Robinson - presented by RONIX

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In-Transit - DVD

OVERVIEW In-Transit Wakeboard DVD

Crossing datelines and pushing boundaries, In Transit is a two and a half year journey with the most creative and progressive riders from across the globe. Passing from continent, sunrise to sunset, get a glimpse into the world of those who choose to push their sport and their mind into a constant state of transit. Those that chase their dreams with nothing more than boardbag and passport in hand. Everyone has baggage, some more so than others. It's who you check it in with that defines the adventure. From world champions to freeriders living checque to checque, super groms to riders that have helped define the sport, In Transit is a film about those who dare to gaze out beyond the wingtip and wonder: 'What next?'


  • Dean Smith
  • Chris O'Shea
  • Harley Clifford
  • Danny Harf
  • Shawn Watson
  • Mitch Langfield
  • Brenton Priestley
  • Chad Sharpe
  • Brad Smeele
  • Shredtown

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