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Prizm Boots

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CWB Vibe Wakeboard 2013


The Vibe is Gabe Lucas' secret weapon, designed to shred in the park but still holds it's own off the wake. One of the personal favorite off-the-wake boards for a select number of our local team, the Vibe has a loose feel with a smooth and consistent feel off the wake. If you are looking for a board with a snowboard style feel on the water, the Vibe is your board of choice. When you take the Vibe to the cable, it is buttery on rails and will handle anything you can throw at it.


Bomb proof rail board that is wake approved.

- Designed, shaped and ridden by Gabe Lucas
- 3" poplar wood stringer tip to tail for flex and bond
- Variable height ABS rail extends 1" into board for strength
- Ti base is slick and strong
- Triax layup for strength
- Flat bottom design catch free on rails
- 8-up inserts
- Four adjustable glass filled nylon fins
- Subtle 3 stage rocker
- Designed for: Park

CWB Prizm Wakeboard Boots 2013


The CWB Prizm wakeboard boots take park riding to the next level. Made specifically for rail parks, the Prizm is designed with the perfect blend of flexibility and support that you need to assault that flat bar with the craziest nose press anyone on the sidelines will ever see. The Prizm is the first wakeboard boot to incorporate a full neoprene bootie with an insole inside of the binding. The bootie is easily detached from the binding so you can flaunt your new kicks on the way back to the starting dock. These booties are so ingenious that they may distract others from the yard sale you just took off the kicker. But don't think that just because you only see a wake park once in a great while, these boots kill it off the wake with crazy comfort and perfect support. Pick up a set of Prizm boots and take your game to the next level.




- Specifically designed for cable park riding

- Removable neoprene shoe

- Step in, Jam Rails, Step out with ease

- Gorilla grip

- New internal disc-mount system for 8-up inserts