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CONNELLY Prophecy by Jamie Beauchesne                    


Sizes: 65?, 66?, 67?, 68?

Level: Fortgeschrittener bis Wettkampfläufer

Weltrekordler J. Beauchesne (2 Bojen/ 9,75m) hat diesen High-End Slalomski gesigned. Jedes einzelne Modell wird aus einem besonderen Mix Carbon, GFK und harzgetränktem PU-Kern handgefertigt! Der Prophecy dreht sehr radikal, ist schnell, spurtreu, leicht ? einfach genial! A new Must-Have!!!

The Prophecy is the signature ski for Jamie Beauchesne. Running into 41? off consistently requires extreme talent and an extreme ski. The Prophecy is a precise blend of 12 cuts of carbon and glass squeezed together for 670 seconds at 90 psi in a 175 degree mold with a 35 once shot of resin saturated into each layer. This produces a resin content by weight percentage that we know works. Over 90% carbon gives us a ski that will not break and will withstand the test of time. That?s why we guarantee it with a lifetime warranty. Nobody else offers that because nobody else can. Every Prophecy is flex tested, rocker checked, weighed and stamped with a serial number. Our consistency achieving the highest standards is validated by our records. The result is a user friendly and balanced ski with side to side constancy. For 2012 we added 3 V-steps to the hull to increase the efficiency of water flow. Less friction means a faster, freer ride. An enormous 11? of flat under the bindings provides the biggest sweet spot on the market.  A little bit of flat was added to the front bevels to hold the ski up in the turn. The ski is incredibly fast side to side, through the turn and has a tighter turning radius.  The ski finishes the turn smooth with angle. The angle that this new ski creates and maintains wake to wake is ridiculous. Fast, smooth and predictable with angle you have previously only dreamt about. Get the new Prophecy, set a new personal best.

Construction: C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology), carbon/fiberglass composite, Pre-preg Carbon Tech Top, closed cell polyurethane resin core, hand tuned Acrylam base.

Binding Option: Stealth, Talon plates, Blank with Fin.

Sizes: 65?/165cm, 66?/168cm, 67?/170cm, 68?/173cm

Fin: Viper Fin System with aluminum foil

ACHTUNG: Dieses Angebot bezieht sich auf den blanken Ski OHNE BINDUNGEN - diese sind selbstverständlich separat erhältlich !